Traverser (Steam/PC)


WHAT BRANDON WROTE: Character Dialogue (also directed VO sessions), Mission Copy, Game Description

Game Description:

The sun has died, forcing mankind to retreat towards what little heat remains beneath the planet's surface. Humanity's last bastion, Brimstone, is a city literally divided into upper and lower classes, both controlled by the all-powerful Raven Corporation. Raven Corp also controls the city's breathable air, with the wealthy Upper City getting far more than its fair share…

Young Valerie Bennett has just passed the test to become a Traverser, a new kind of peacekeeper with the ability to travel between the Upper and Lower cities of Brimstone. Join her on a mission to reveal Raven Corp's sinister secrets, uncover years of lies and propaganda, and discover the most dangerous thing in all of Brimstone: the truth.

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Corporate Overlord, Major Villain; Secretive, Sinister, Burdened

Well! If it isn't young Valerie Bennett, fabled daughter of one of Raven Corporation's brightest employees. How are you? You look... rested! That’s good! Ehrm...

Big day today, eh? I'll have the privilege of supervising you during your Traverser exam later. I have some things to attend to, but I'm looking forward to seeing you in action. Don't be late!

*muttering under his breath* Yes. Don’t be late. Can't have that.

*snapping back to attention* Ah, I wish you the best of luck! Good day!

Incidental dialogue:

  1. *speaking to himself, muttering* Hmph. So many problems… Why doesn't anyone understand? It’s hard to run a corporation this big...



Oxygen Salesman; Jolly, Engaging

Hello, Valerie! Here to check on your tank, eh? I believe it arrived this morning. Let me take a look.

*pause* Ah, yes! Here it is. One oxygen tank for the Bennett household. I'll keep an eye on it-- you go let your father know it's arrived and waiting for him.

*Player hands over the oxygen voucher*

Oh, but… Valerie... you know the law. No one under eighteen is allowed to handle this much oxygen. There’s not a lot of this stuff to go around. You can never be too careful.

…Fine, take it. I know Linus has been ill, so I’ll make an exception just for you. But hurry along-- don't get caught with this or we'll both be in trouble. And please, tell your father we should meet for a cup of tea, like old times. It's been far too long.

Incidental dialogue:

  1. Best breathable air in town! Don’t forget to refill your tank!
  2. Good business depends on having good merchandise. I deliver only the best air in Brimstone!
  3. Don’t forget about our home delivery service! Pay in advance at current market price, get home delivery free of charge! Breathing has never been easier!



Loving Father; Kind, Brilliant, Gentle

Val! You're back! *deep breath* The fresh air feels just lovely. Thank you, sweetheart. I'm starting to feel better already. *pause* You'd better hurry to Raven Corporation Headquarters. Your Traverser exam is starting soon!

Good luck today, sweetheart. And remember— whatever happens today, wherever this test takes you… I'm so, so proud of you. I know you're meant to do wonderful things, and I couldn't have been given a better daughter. *cough, cough* Now, hurry along. I'll miss you!

Incidental dialogue:

  1. You should leave for your traverser exam, Val.
  2. Better get going! You’ll be late.
  3. Seems like Raven Corporation is having some problems with the rebellion. There's a story on the news every other day, now…



Senior Citizen; Cranky, Mischievous

Oh, hello. Don't I recognize you from somewhere?

Wait, now I remember! Valerie! Valerie Bennett! I haven't seen you in years, but I've known your father for quite some time. You have your father's eyes, you know! That deep green always reminded me of the old stories about meadows and pastures from the surface.

What are you doing in this part of town, eh? Phil sent you, didn’t he? That fat ol' so-and-so promised to paint my house and clean the yard weeks ago! I won't lift a finger before it's done. Tell you what-- I bet Phil told you about Jacob Fisher, eh? I just so happen to know where he is! I'll tell you how to find him… if you'll clear my yard and paint the house! Should be over in a minute with that fancy gravity glove of yours.

Start with the trash— just toss it right over the edge. Heck, chuck it into the street for all I care! Then use these buckets next to me to paint the house. I’d prefer if you put red on the top, blue in the middle and green on the bottom. Hoping to capture a bit of the colors you used to see up on the surface! When you're done, come talk to me and we'll see how you've done.

Upon Task Completion:  Now THAT is art! So expressive! So wild and free. Thank you, young Valerie. I thought I was going to live in this ugly mess 'til pigs could fly! *cough* Don't bother asking what a pig is. It's an old expression.

Now, for my part of the agreement: there's a warehouse down in Lower City at Quaking Stone Point. Fisher works there. Don't worry about how to get inside… you'll know how once you're there.

Incidental dialogue:

  1. I’m not too fond of all these air regulation rules from Raven Corporation. If I have the money to buy air, why shouldn’t I be able to buy as much as I want?
  2. Are we really running short on air? Bah! I’m sure it’s only rumors.
  3. Ignore the rumors, child. What are the odds of anything bad happening around here?
  4. Goodness gracious, what a mess!
  5. Don’t you throw that at me, young lady!
  6. Watch it! Otherwise I might not help you, y'know...
  7. I don’t care much for Raven Corporation. Sure, they've kept us alive down here, but that doesn't make them trustworthy!



Panhandler; Filthy, Sleazy, Upbeat

*whistle* You seems a bit lost, luv. Trying to get into the warehouse, is you? Tell you what… If you can finds me some oxygen, maaaybe I could help you get over the fence. I knows a way.

Upon Task Completion:  Ah! A bit of precious Oh-Two! Much appreciated, luv. Now, bugger off. Ain't your parents ever told you not to trust strangers? Heh heh heh…

HA! *cough* Just messin' with you, luv! Ol' Thomas always repays a favor. There's a key under a rock not far aways from the entrance to the homeless shelter. You can use the stairs inside to gets up on the roof. When you’re there, you’ll be able to balance across the power lines to gets over the fence. Now, if you'll excuse me— I've gots me a bit of quality breathing to enjoy!

Incidental dialogue:

  1. Those guards better leaves us alone. We can manage by ourselves.
  2. Why's they even put guards down here, anyway? Not for our protections, I'll tells ya that much, ha! *cough cough*
  3. Throwing garbage at the less fortunate, eh? Izzat what they teaches you lot in Upper City?
  4. 'Ey! Stop it, now! You're liable to make ol' Thomas mad…
  5. Oy! Don’t do that! You might tear my fanciest shirt!
  6. Oh, I don’t likes where this is going.
  7. *random whistling/humming/coughing*