Area 777 (iOS/Android)


WHAT BRANDON WROTE: Character Dialogue/Tutorial Copy

Area 777 is a unique combination of simple slot machines and turn-based tower defense mechanics. Starring Chazz Fabulous and his miserable sidekick, Zander, players are tasked with defending Las Vegas from an invading army of brainwashing aliens.

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CHAZZ:  SHUFFLE MY DECK! Our casino's crawling with alien lifeforms! There's only one way to stop them..
CHAZZ:  Fabulous MAGIC! HA HAA!!

(A Few Rounds Later...)

CHAZZ:  Zander! There you are, my lowliest of assistants!
ZANDER:  Chazz? Oh. You're… still alive.
CHAZZ:  Naturally! Stand back, my paltry pupil! My magic will defend us from these foul invaders!
CHAZZ: Uh… just as soon as I remember how this whole "battle" thing works…
ZANDER:  ...Sigh. Just tap the spin button, Chazz.
CHAZZ:  HA HAA!! I remember now-- I just need to tap the spin button!
ZANDER:  Great. You're a genius. And look, there's an alien. Match 3 symbols and the slot machine's magic will attack it.
ZANDER:  Oh look, the blue bar filled up. That'll happen whenever you defeat an alien.
CHAZZ:  You mean my "FABULOUS BAR"?
ZANDER:  Whatever. You'll also get... "Fabulous Points" every time you hit the Spin button. Fill the blue bar to Level Up.
CHAZZ:  How FABULOUSLY exciting!

(A Few More Rounds Pass...)

CHAZZ:  SPIN MY REELS, they're still coming! Maybe they're here for my autograph?
ZANDER:  Yeah, sure. That's definitely it. Good work, super-sleuth. Just don't let them reach the first reel of the slot machine or they'll start to attack you.
ZANDER:  Only one row of aliens will move with each spin. Watch the lights on their heads to see which row will go next.
CHAZZ:  But of course! Fear not, my lovely Las Vegas… CHAZZ FABULOUS is here to save the day!



CHAZZ:  Uh… Zander, those card symbols… Were those there before?
ZANDER:  No, Chazz. When you Level Up, you'll unlock new symbols and special features.
ZANDER:  When you make matches with special symbols, like those cards, you'll perform stronger attacks and earn more tokens.
CHAZZ:  Marvelous! My magic never ceases to amaze me!
CHAZZ:  Oooh, Zander! Look what just popped out of the slot machine!
ZANDER:  Yeah, Chazz. That happens whenever star symbols appear on the reels. Collecting stars is another way to fill your Fabulous Bar.
ZANDER:  Go ahead and tap on the star to collect it. No rush, it's not like we're being invaded or anything.



CHAZZ:  Zander! What is that FABULOUS thing in the corner?
ZANDER:  That's your magic WILD chip, remember?
CHAZZ:  Why, of course! And… it's… a good thing? Yes?
ZANDER:  Yes, Chazz. Try dragging it off the shelf and onto the reels.
ZANDER:  A chip's magic won't activate until you spin the reels. Once you've got it where you want it, tap the spin button.
ZANDER:  See that? The chip turned "WILD." A WILD will match with any other symbol.
ZANDER:  And, uh… you do know that you can tap that chip to pick it up, right?



CHAZZ:  ROLL MY DICE! They just keep coming! Stand back, Zander-- I must summon even more FABULOUSNESS!
ZANDER:  Great. You have two more reels now, but remember: you can only create matches from left to right.
CHAZZ:  HA HAA, silly Zander! As long as I'm winning, I don't need to know how this stuff works!



ZANDER:  I'm assuming you remember how to change your bet… right?
CHAZZ:  Oh, Zander. I admire your ability to joke, even in the heat of battle! So... changing a bet. Let's see, uh...
ZANDER:  SIIIGH. Use this button, Chazz. Tap on it to cycle through bets.
ZANDER:  You're now betting 5 tokens per spin. The bet button also changes how many lines are in play.
ZANDER:  See? Now you can make diagonal matches. The colored lines show the ways your symbols can be matched
CHAZZ:  How undeniably FABULOUS!!
ZANDER:  Higher bets also MULTIPLY your winnings.. just remember that each spin costs more tokens.
ZANDER:  Always watch your bank and pay attention to what you're betting. Think you can handle all that?



CHAZZ:  COUNT MY CARDS! It's a new chip! Mother always said I was as lucky as I am handsome!
ZANDER:  I hope you're aware that different chip types will cast unique spells. Drag that Freeze Chip onto the reels.
CHAZZ:  Oooh, how FABULOUSLY pretty!
ZANDER:  Focus, Chazz. This chip freezes aliens AND holds three symbols for an extra spin. Study the reels and plan your moves.
CHAZZ:  HA HAA! Oh, Zander. Everyone knows how the ice thingy works!
ZANDER:  You are just... the worst.



CHAZZ:  Oooh, another new chip thingy!
ZANDER:  Chazz… I have to hand it to you. The fact that you've survived this long is genuinely impressive.
CHAZZ:  HA HAA! But of course! They don't call me the "Dazzling Jewel of Vegas" for nothing!
ZANDER:  Well, you're partially right. They certainly don't call you that.
CHAZZ:  So, let's see… Maybe if I put this new chip next to one of these alien guys…
CHAZZ:  Oh my! How FABULOUSLY fierce!